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MMBOX Production / ChristianCliparts.net is seeking a partner:

We are looking for good sales partner(s) to team up with our production business.
Our production business 'MMBOX Production' has been up since 1999, we have been doing our business mostly with companies in Japan, and now we are thinking about expanding our business to North America more.

We wished we could offer an employment opportunity, but at this time we are thinking about a partnership.
If you think you are suitable for the requirements below, please contact us.


Basically your home will be your office, however we might need to have some meetings on common task, living in Greater Vancouver area is preferred.
Since we have Christian relating projects, candidates who can share the belief in Jesus Christ are preferred.

About us

Please read and understand about us, we are hoping we could find someone who are interested in what we are doing.

About MMBOX Production

MMBOX Production is a registered business name for Masaru Horie and his wife Akiyo Horie in BC, Canada.
MMBOX is a media/internet contents/graphic design production company which has been creating various contents for many media, Animation, Video, Illustration, Game, Web site, Web application, graphic design and more since 1999.

About ChristianCliparts.net

ChristianCliparts.net is one of MMBOX's original project, to distribute kinds of visual materials for Christian churches, that includes the Christian clipart library which is still underway to cover all the major events in the Bible. Christian animations and games, E-card system using the clipart, a gadget "Today's Christian Clipart" which changes its illustration daily are also the features of the site. They are all free to use for all the Christian churches.

About Running Smile

This is another MMBOX's original project to keep the record of runners/joggers daily training. Featuring the route library, route editing function, strong filtering and sorting on the stats, weight bar chart, shoes consumption table that tell you when to change the shoes.
This web app was actually for myself, a marathon runner since 2006, but I decided to share the application with all the runners in the world.

The job

Following is the chart of the roles for each side, and the listing the jobs.
You don't need to do them all, just pick up what you are interested in, however the more you interested, the easier we work together.

Sales(The role sought)

  • Sales
  • Following is the list of the products/jobs you can sell/promote. You can choose what to take.

    Christian Cliparts

    MMBOX Production

  • Market Research
  • Job to get the information for sales

    Christian Cliparts

    • Research for new distribution channels
    • Research for new supporter chuches / organization

    MMBOX Production

    • Research for new customers for the production services
  • Customer support (sales)
  • You take care the inquiries about sales issue on the projects you get.

  • English assistance for production
  • Since Masaru Horie is a Japanese, some English writing / proof reading will be required by an English native speaker.

Sales & Production(common task)

  • Planning
  • Planning for new features / projects with strategies, and sharing the common goals of the business.

  • Project Management
  • Managing projects from both sides together, sales and production.

  • SEO
  • Planning and exercising the SEO for better exposure on the internet.

Production(MMBOX Production / Masaru Horie)

  • Production
  • Production for both ChristianCliparts.net and MMBOX Production.

    Christian Cliparts

    • Web design
    • Illustration
    • Animation
    • Game
    • Web application / Gadgets
    • and more....

    MMBOX Production

    • Web design
    • Illustration
    • Animation
    • Game
    • Web application / Gadgets
    • and more....
  • Tech research
  • Research to get the latest information about web relating issue

  • Customer support (tech)
  • Customer support for all the technical issue.

  • Japanese assistance for sales
  • If any Japanese assist required, Masaru Horie would take care, he has good experience in copywriting in Japanese.

Reward for the sales

This is only our idea for starting things, but we are always welcoming new ideas which works better.

For the new projects

We will submit you the production quote and you put your margin on it. That will be the price for the customer.
We will be very flexible on our production quote by offering various options on the production, it would help you to negotiate and find the proper price. You can decide how much you can put on to make both you and the customer happy.

For selling the priced products(like poster)

25% of the sales will be your reward.

Submitting your application

Please take a good look at our web sites and understand what we are making and trying to do before you submit your application.
We are expecting to see someone who can find a good motivation for your daily work in our work and heading to the common goal together.
That would be wonderful if you could write and let us know your idea/suggestion how we can be good partners each other.

If you have any question about this partnership recruitment, please contact us at any time.
Please send your application to HERE.
E-mail, postal mail, PDF file, doc file, some other way that is convenient for you (Sorry not FAX) are accepted.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Masaru Horie

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