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MMBOX PRODUCTION is producing contents like cartoon animations and flash games, many varieties of illustrations, and also providing web production / support / consulting service.


MMBOX Web Support is always on your side!

It's not a brochure, it's a web site!

MMBOX Web Support is optimized for those who have similar problems like the people at the top of this page. Yes, this service has been the solutions for these problems since 2009.

Not like a printing stuff, web sites are to be updated. The completion of the web site production is the only the beginning of your web site. MMBOX takes it seriously and offer you a big free web production (value $1,000) for the start of the new relationship with our clients. It's our investment to your business expecting its success. We charge you the reasonable monthly maintenance fee after your new web pages are officially open for public.

It's like you are hiring a web expert for only $90 (Standard plan), who is available at any time you need. We will update your site whenever you need, improve the site with newer technologies, and consult about web relating matter. Let us be your partner to help your business be a long lasting success.

We need your business to be successful

Since we produce your site for free in advance, it's going to be a big loss for us if you leave us soon. Yes, we have to keep the web site to be a big help for your business not only at beginning but always. We need your business to be successful for long long time.

We don't want to be only a web production guy, but your long lasting business partner. Please let us be a part of your business!

It's totally risk free

MMBOX Web SupportOur first free production of your web site will keep going until we get your satisfaction. We keep revising it to improve. The contract starts only after the site is open for public on your 'GO' sign. Till then it's free (up to $1000 value). You can cancel the service whenever you want, and you will pay for only the maintenance on what you are happy with. The risk is on us, not on you.

It's more than what you expect

You might think that a free stuff can not be good. Maybe it was, but no more. Thanks to the so many variety of open source projects, we can use many powerful tools for the production of your web site, and add more better features you could expect.

Please read more detail of the service by selecting from the menu on the left.

What the free production can do.

MMBOX will produce your new web site for free which is about $1,000 value before you start the contract. Here's what could be made with the free production.

Thanks to many of the useful open sources we already have many variety of the tools to make many kinds of functions. We will choose the tools to use to make the best combination for your site in the free production budget. Followings are some of the very useful tools we are frequently using.

NOTE:The copyright of all the files made with the free production will belong to MMBOX PRODUCTION. You can buy the files if you want to when you cancel the service.


You can use database function in your web site thanks to PHP and mySQL. We have good experience in database production for managing many kinds of things like inventories, customer info, and you can also hold game events with rankings, or we can setup an invoice system for your business, and a lot more.

CMS (Joomla)

If you are expecting the articles of the site would be edited / published by yourself or some other writers without accessing the files on the server, CMS (Content management system) would be the best tool you could select. MMBOX is using one of the most well known CMS tool, Joomla.

jQuery and Ajax

Since MMBOX uses Javascript a lot, tools like jQuery are very helpful and make the production much more efficient. Also there are many of useful plug-ins to add fancy features to your web site.

Adobe Flash

For animations, games, and many more web application features, Adobe Flash is one of the best tool to do it all. MMBOX has won many awards with Flash productions in many countries like Japan, USA, Canada, UK. Flash production would be available for the free production too.


Masaru Horie (Producer of MMBOX PRODUCTION) is selling his illustrations at the world biggest online stock photo market site iStockphoto, and his illustrations are used by designers all over the world. His illustrations would be available for your web site. Masaru Horie is also an experienced graphic designer and an animator too.

E commerce (online sales)

MMBOX's free web production could set up an online sales site too. The biggest concern for online transaction is always the security. SSL is one of the common solution. We set up sales pages with PAYPAL, which provides your business very secure online transaction.

Google tools, Youtube

Google is like a treasure box of the powerful free tools, of cause we take advantage of it. The tool like Google map is very useful and we can customize the function as we like, and that make it possible for us to make very unique map web application just for you. Other tools like Google Analytics for SEO, Youtube for movie, and lots more!

Blogs, Twitter and Facebook

Not only making a brand new site, we can also redesign and setup the best use of current blog you already own, or keep your blog as it is and update your new site automatically with the latest contents from your blog. Twitter feed, Facebook link box, many popular functions are also available.

Mailing list

To keep your customers informed about your business, a mailing list feature would be very useful. We use some mailing list services like Mailchimp and more.


If you have a lot of information you need to deal with, using XML would be helpful. MMBOX is good at handling it and designs it nicely.

And more....

MMBOX is always seeking new useful technologies and flexible to taking them in. Please let us know if you have some tools in your mind you want to use for your site.

The detail of the service

The services and the fee

Followings are the basic service contents, and you can choose the way to maintain the site from the options below.

  • Free web site production (about $1,000 value)
  • Web and mail server including all setup.
  • Monthly reports and consulting/advices on the performance of the site
  • A domain name
Standard Course

$90/month + Tax

  • 2 hours production/maintenance labor
  • 20% off from the site renewal production fee
Renewal course

$120/month + Tax

  • 2.5 hours production/maintenance labor
  • Free web site renewal production (about $1,000 value) in every 3 years
Big Course

$220/month + Tax

  • 6 hours production/maintenance labor
  • Free web site renewal production (about $1,000 value) in every 2 years
Minimum Course

$50/month + Tax

  • Hosting only
  • You can take this service after a year with either Standard or Renewal, or Big course.

All courses could be customized if you would like to change the combination between the time of maintenance labor and the frequency of the site renewal.


  • Discount $100 on 1year prepay

Extensions of the basic course

Additional fee would be added when the cost for free production exceeds $1,000.- or monthly production exceeds 2 hours. We will submit the quote for the extra before its production.

  • Hourly maintenance fee: $35.-/1hour
Important note
  • This service is basically for those who are not aware of server settings well. The customers have no access to cPanel which is for changing server settings. Please note this if you have some knowledge about cPanel and willing to use it.
  • The copyright for all the files created by the free production belong to MMBOX PRODUCTION. However you can purchase all the free production contents when you cancel the service.
    The copyright of all files the customer paid for the production belong to the customer.
  • We might not start the production when we judge we can not help your business.
  • The domain name of the service which is canceled by the customer will be excluded from free production for 3 years.
  • This service is not applicable for the web sites of the events/campaigns with less than 2 year term.

To apply this service

Please apply from this page.


Please click the questions below, the answer shows up.

Can I cancel it even right after the completion of the free production?

Yes, we want you to know this service is risk free, you can cancel it at any time. However, all the files produced by the free production will belong to MMBOX PRODUCTION.
You can still purchase all the files even after the cancellation for reasonable price (usually initial production cost. $1000 if it's a standard production).

What if it exceeds the free production budget?

We will submit the quote before we start the production when the plan seems to be bigger.
The monthly maintenance fee would increase depending on the labor time.
Please check out our standard production fee.

What if monthly maintenance hours exceed 2 hours?

In the stage of planning, we will try to arrange the maintenance wisely to cover all the work within 2 hours.
And we will let you know the extra cost when it seems to exceed 2 hours before we start working on it. You can check the fee for the extra labor here.

How can I pay for the service?

We accept a cheque, or Paypal, or a credit card payment through PAYPAL. 3% will be added on the Paypal payment.

Any discount rate for longer term payment?

Please check the discount at the detail of the service page.

Can an individual apply this service?

As long as the business is registered, you can apply to the service.

Can any company take this service?

The service will start on the consensus of both sides.
However this service basically starts with our investment, we might not agree to start the service depending on the condition.

Can I change the server setting as I want?

No, this service is basically optimized for those who don't want to be bothered by the server configuration. We take care of all the server settings using cPanel and our customers have NO access to it.

I want a new domain name.

The fee for keeping/registering a domain name is included in the monthly maintenance fee, however that domain name will be owned by MMBOX PRODUCTION.

Can you make the web sites for limited time events?

No, this service is designed for keeping a long term business relationship with our customers. However we can produce the web sites for the short time events without the free production.

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